Site Planning & Septic Design Services

Nolan Engineering, PLLC’s multidisciplinary approach also includes site planning for both commercial and residential projects. Our company is equipped with knowledgeable employees that can help with the site planning process from beginning to end! We offer assistance with obtaining planning and zoning approval for residential, commercial and mixed-use land development projects, as well as integrated development feasibility. Our services include completing and submitting applications, attending municipal meetings, and working with various governmental departments in order to get your project approved.  Contact us for more information!

Our septic design services include perc and deep pit tests, designs for both conventional and non-conventional septic systems for residential and commercial sites.  If you are interested in obtaining these services, please contact you local building department/health department to find out if someone from their office needs to be on-site during the perc and pit tests.  If they require to be on-site, they will typically have an application that you will need to submit with a fee.  Once you have approval, we can schedule the tests.  You will also need to coordinate to have an excavator, or some way of digging two six-foot holes, on-site at the time of the tests.  If you are local (within an hour) to our office, we can provide recommendations for contractors you can contact. 

Land surveys or tax maps are typically required in order to provide site plans (which are typically included with a septic design).  We do not perform land surveys, but can provide recommendations if your site is located within an hour of our office.  Tax maps can sometimes be obtained online, depending on your municipality.