Commercial Project FAQs

Q. Do you charge for site visits?
A. For commercial projects, we typically don't charge for the initial on-site consultation.  We will not take any measurements during this visit, but we will meet with you and familiarize ourselves enough with the building/project so that we can provide a proposal which will typically include a site measure for existing structures.   
Q. How do you determine the cost of the drawings?  Is it based by square foot? 
A. No, our drawing costs are not based by the square foot.  We will perform a site visit to determine the size and complexity of the drawings and calculate how many hours it will take in order to produce the drawings and then we multiply that by our hourly rates.
Q. What are your hourly rates? 
A. Our rates are subject to change, but as of 7/7/23 our rates are as follows: 
Architectural Drafting - $95/hr
Engineering/Inspections - $160/hr
Administrative - $70/hr
Q. What is the difference between a drafter/designer and an architect? 
A. The main difference is the amount of education obtained.  An architect has obtained an architecture degree and then applies to be registered or licensed.  A drafter/designer does not have a specific degree path, but at Nolan Engineering our drafters/designers are qualified to assist with the design process and can offer suggestions which will make your space more visually appealing, functional, cost effective, or easier to build.  In most cases our architects work on commercial projects whereas drafters/designers specialize in residential work.  
Q. What forms of payment do you accept? 
A. We accept cash, check and credit/debit cards including Discover and American Express.
Q. Do you take payment over the phone? 
A. No, if you would like to pay via credit/debit card you may do so online.  You should have received a payment link via email, please contact us if you did not receive it.  
Q. Once I have made my deposit, how long will it take to receive my drawings? 
A. It depends on the complexity of the drawings, our workload, and your responsiveness.  
Q. If I need assistance with obtaining planning/zoning approval, will you help with that? 
A. Yes!  We offer site planning assistant to help you obtaining planning and zoning approval.  We can either provide you with the drawings that you will need so that you can do this portion by yourself, or we can complete all applications and attend meetings on your behalf.  While obtaining approval is not guaranteed, we will do our due diligence to work with you and the municipality to get the project approved.  
Q. Once my blueprints are finalized, do you also do the construction/contract work? 
A. No, we only provide architectural/engineering services, but we do have a list of recommended contractors that we can provide. 
Q. If my drawings have been finalized and we need additional changes, how does that work? 
A. If the requested changes are minor changes required by the building department in order to obtain your building permit, we will make those changes at no additional charge to you.  If the requested changes are major changes required by the building department in order to obtain your building permit, we will work with you and do what we can in order to help you to obtain your building permit.  If the requested changes are something that is requested by you or your builder, we will either provide a proposal for the changes or charge an hourly rate depending on the complexity of the changes. 
Q. If my contractor has questions during construction, can he contact you? 
A. Yes, we will answer questions to assist with construction, but depending on the extent of the questions - we do charge for construction administration.  
Q. Do you submit the building permit application to the building department? 
A. No, that would be done either by you or your contractor as the building department is going to request insurance information from the contractor, construction costs, etc.