About Us

Nolan Engineering, PLLC was established in 2006 in Schenectady, NY with the purpose of providing structural design, construction drawings, consulting, and inspection services. Since 2006, Nolan Engineering has experienced steady growth and built relationships with many construction firms who send continuous referrals.  Nolan Engineering provides many design services including, but not limited to:

  • New commercial building designs
  • Existing commercial building renovations, retrofits, change of use, expansions
  • Office-fits ups
  • Foundation design
  • Retaining wall design
  • Site planning
  • Commercial and residential septic system design
  • Code review
  • Structural inspections, forensics, expert witness
  • Review and certification of plans by others

Nolan Engineering employs full-time Engineers, Architects, designers, and support staff. We have Engineers who are licensed in NY, CT, DE and CO. Our Engineers have diverse backgrounds and expertise in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, City Planning and MEP. We have a full-time staff of dedicated designer/drafters with years for experience in AutoCAD and Chief Architect. Nolan Engineering has experience in the following areas:

  • Wood design and construction
  • Steel design and construction
  • Cold Form (Light Gauge) steel design and construction
  • Concrete design and construction
  • Commercial and Residential building codes
  • Energy codes
  • Septic design and construction

In 2020, our company completed roughly 1,200 individual jobs of various sizes and we are on track to beat that record this year. Our company has performed thousands of structural inspections and designed hundreds of structures over the past 15 years.

Nolan Engineering is also the designer and supplier of structural repair products such as the Insta-Footing and Joist Repair Kit (www.nolanstructuralproducts.com), which are also available at local Curtis Lumber stores.  Our products provide state-of-the-art methods of repair which require a fraction of the time and cost when compared the current, standard methods. 

Nolan Engineering strives to meet our client’s deadlines and is excellent at being available to tackle any problems that arise on site in a timely manner.  Using our experience in solving many structural problems over the years, Nolan Engineering provides innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions to save our customer as much time and money as possible