Assessment & Report FAQs

Q. How long does a structural assessment take? 
A. It depends on the extent and complexity of the issue.  Some inspections only take 15 minutes whereas others can take all-day.  

Q. Is the report certified? 
A. Yes, the report is stamped and certified by a licensed, professional engineer. 

Q. What is the difference between a verbal and a written report? 
A. A written report is a certified engineering report that includes the engineers findings, recommendations of repair, and pictures of specific issues.  A verbal report will also include the engineers findings and recommendations for repair, but we will provide our report to you verbally therefore it will not be certified.  We sometimes provide verbal reports in order to provide a proposal for repair drawings or to provide peace of mind to the homeowner.

Q. What areas do you service? 
A. We will service just about any part of NYS, however we do charge for travel and depending on your location and the structural concern, it may be more cost effective to seek-out services in your local area.