Job Status

Job#                                      Status                                                                 Assigned 
20-08-001  meet with Nick and Richard  Collin Parsons & Nick Hart
20-10-041  Rich Review  Jason Singer & Nick Hart
20-10-063  schedule walkthrough  Jason Singer
21-08-045  ongoing, need to bill  Jason Singer
21-10-014  P1 out   Jason Singer
21-12-044  need meeting to discuss   Brian Choi & Joe Candida  
22-01-035  P1 out, waiting  Steve Alheim
22-02-028  waiting on Building dept  Jason Singer
22-03-101  Inc. client comments  Steve Alheim
22-05-005  in progress   Brian Choi 
22-05-056  P1 out  Collin Parsons
22-06-030  waiting on client  Terry Broiles
22-08-039  Sending comments to arch.   Brian Choi 
22-08-060  in progress  Terry Broiles
22-08-068  inc. eng comments  Jason Singer
22-09-056  in progress   Brian Choi 
22-10-040  In progress   John Furlong 
22-11-012  Submitted, 6/28 meeting  Jason Singer & Terry Broiles
22-11-018  working w/Joe   Brian Choi & Joe Candida  
22-11-022  P2 out  Steve Alheim
22-11-035  Need to call town, 7/5 meeting?  Steve Alheim
22-11-053  Rich Review  Collin Parsons
22-11-061  P3 out  Steve Alheim
22-11-074  Marley  Marley Starks
22-11-080  On Hold Per Client  Terry Broiles
22-12-005  waiting on client  Jason Singer
22-12-031  Inc. client comments  Steve Alheim
23-01-011  P2 out  Scott Kazmierczak
23-01-025  Prelim structural set due today  Terry Broiles
23-01-048  bill for foundation, dormer, roof, etc., in progress   Brian Choi 
23-01-063  P1 out   Brian Choi 
23-01-064  received P2 comments  Scott Kazmierczak
23-02-003  Rich Review  Scott Kazmierczak
23-02-008  need to start with planning  Jason Singer
23-02-015  going to finals  Scott Kazmierczak
23-02-056  P2 out  Steve Alheim
23-02-057  waiting on client  Joe Candida
23-02-062  waiting on client  Steve Alheim
23-02-074  going to finals  Scott Kazmierczak
23-02-077  going to finals, due 7/10  Scott Kazmierczak
23-02-080  Meeting with Brett Monday, 7/5 submission  Jason Singer & Terry Broiles
23-02-086  P1 out  Steve Alheim
23-03-001  Rich schedule meeting & submit application   Terry Broiles
23-03-010  Received P1 comments  Steve Alheim
23-03-040  going to finals  Steve Alheim
23-03-042  waiting on client  Joe Candida
23-03-047  need to meet with Rich  Joe Candida
23-03-050  P2 out  Scott Kazmierczak
23-03-053  6/13 s/v Brian   Brian Choi 
23-03-055  meet with Brian, almost done  Joe Candida
23-03-056  need updated survey  Terry Broiles
23-03-060  P3 out  Scott Kazmierczak
23-03-067  update framing plans   Brian Choi 
23-03-074  P1 out   Jason Singer
23-03-082  Bryan working on, need to meet  Jason Singer & Bryan Waugaman
23-03-087  need to start  Jason Singer
23-03-091  P2 out  Jason Singer
23-03-097  Working on P2, due mid-July  Jason Singer
23-03-101  meet w/John & Hector re foundation damage  Joe Candida
23-03-102  P3 out  Joe Candida
23-03-110  P2 out  Steve Alheim
23-04-008  Client Review  Collin Parsons
23-04-016  Marley  Marley Starks
23-04-022  need to start  Terry Broiles
23-04-024  in progress  Nick Hart
23-04-029  going to finals  Jason Singer
23-04-030  started  Collin Parsons
23-04-032  P1 out today  Joe Candida
23-04-033  need to start  Jason Singer
23-04-047  maybe out today  Collin Parsons
23-04-049  Joe - 6/26 s/v   Joe Candida
23-04-059  In progress   John Furlong 
23-04-060  P1 out  Steve Alheim
23-05-004  waiting on client  Collin Parsons
23-05-008  need to start  Joe Candida
23-05-009  started  Joe Candida
23-05-016  in progress  Joe Candida & Nick Hart
23-05-032  Inc. P2 comments  Steve Alheim
23-05-037  waiting on client  Joe Candida
23-05-039  received P1 comments  Scott Kazmierczak
23-05-041  P2 out  Scott Kazmierczak
23-05-043  need to start  Collin Parsons
23-05-044  meeting next week  Jason Singer
23-05-045  out next week  Steve Alheim
23-05-046  P1 going out   Brian Choi 
23-05-049  waiting on client  Jason Singer & Nick Hart
23-05-050  P1 due 6/30  Scott Kazmierczak
23-05-052  in progress  Nick Hart
23-05-053  need to start  Collin Parsons
23-05-058  meet w/Steve  Bryan Waugaman
23-05-059  6/5 s/v Brian   Brian Choi & Nick Hart 
23-05-066  P1 out today  Scott Kazmierczak
23-05-077  need to start  Steve Alheim
23-05-078  need to start  Collin Parsons
23-05-080  5/31 s/v Brian   Brian Choi 
23-05-081  going out  Jason Singer & Nick Hart
23-05-082  Rich review town submittal  Jason Singer
23-05-083  waiting on client  Jason Singer & Nick Hart
23-05-085  waiting on client  Rich Nolan & Nick Hart
23-05-088  need to start  Joe Candida
23-05-089  started  Collin Parsons
23-05-091  6/13 s/v Scott  Scott Kazmierczak
23-05-098  need to start  Joe Candida
23-05-099  started  Joe Candida
23-05-101  Site Visit Next Week   Brian Choi & Joe Candida  
23-056-031  In progress   John Furlong 
23-06-006  need to start  Terry Broiles
23-06-010  Rich Review  Rich Nolan & Nick Hart
23-06-018  Inc. eng comments, almost done   Brian Choi 
23-06-020  6/16 assessment  Rich Nolan
23-06-025  inc. eng. Comments  Bryan Waugaman
23-06-032  Rich Review  Bryan Waugaman
23-06-033  started  Joe Candida
23-06-034  on hold  Joe Candida
23-06-035  need to start  Joe Candida
23-06-037  Inspection Complete    John Furlong 
23-06-043  need to start  Bryan Waugaman
23-06-052  Call Geotech Company  Rich Nolan
23-06-053  Inspection Complete    John Furlong 
23-06-054  Steve  Steve Alheim
23-06-056  Ruppe Review   Michael Ruppe