Home Inspections

In addition to providing structural engineering and design services, Nolan Engineering, PLLC is proud to offer home inspection services.  Our home inspections can also include the following tests:

  • Radon Testing
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Well Flow Testing

Why Choose Nolan Engineering, PLLC For Your Home Inspection?

While there are many home inspectors doing business in our area, a home inspection from Nolan Engineering, PLLC stands out from the others. Nolan Engineering PLLC is the only home inspection provider in the region where a home inspector and a structural engineer have partnered to provide an additional expertise. While typical home inspectors can identify potential structural problems, the inspectors at Nolan Engineering, PLLC are qualified and experienced to provide insight to the cause of the structural problem as well as recommendations for repair.  This can save you time and money by having one combined inspection instead of two!  Nolan Engineering, PLLC can also provide blueprints and a cost estimate for the repairs, if necessary.  Your typical home inspection is not qualified to provide all of these services.