Rates & Pricing

Nolan Engineering, PLLC will service any area of NYS, but we do charge for our site visits and inspections. Our minimum fee for site visits and inspections is $250 for the local area, and we typically charge $150/hour for anything more than 30 minutes away. Site visits can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and inspections can take up to several hours, depending on the size and complexity of the structure.

Our rates as of 11/30/2021 are as follows (Please note our rates are subject to change):

Architectural Drafting: $90/hr

Planning/Zoning Approval: $90/hr

Standard Drafting: $75/hr

Engineering: $150/hr

Structural Inspections: $150-160/hr

Administrative: $60/hr

When providing drawings, we will require a deposit in order to begin work with the final payment due once the drawings are complete. We do not release final drawings or reports without receiving final payment unless otherwise agreed. Your payment will include a stamped digital set of drawings as well as 3 hardcopies, if you require more than 3 copies please let us know. Our rates for additional prints are as follows:

8.5″x11″: $0.25/sheet

11″x17″: $0.50/sheet

18″x24″: $1.75/sheet

24″x36″: $3.50/sheet

36″x48″: $7.00/sheet

Home Inspections are billed as follows:

Home Inspection (for single-family residential, includes pest and basic structure) $750 if located within 30 minutes, add $150/hr for additional travel time

Radon Test: $100

Water Flow Test: $50

Water Quality Test: $200

Nolan Engineering, PLLC does not do inspections of existing septic or well systems. If you would like an extensive structural assessment in addition to the home inspection, we can do that for an additional $150.

Septic Design Pricing for Residential Systems are as follows:

Perc/Pit Test: $600 if located within 30 minutes, add $150/hr for additional travel time

Conventional Septic Design: Up to $1,500

Non-Conventional Septic Design: Up to $2,500

Nolan Engineering, PLLC will also perform final inspections for septic installations and provide as-built drawings or a certified letter, depending on what the municipality requires.