Here is what some of our clients have said about working with us.

We contacted Richard Nolan, PE because our town required a stamped letter to approve the distance that we wanted to place our new hot tub from our home without putting too much pressure on our home’s foundation. We are very happy with how things turned out. Richard gave us a couple of options to choose and from and after doing his work he let us know that the distance we chose for the hot tub was safe for our house. He also faxed a letter to the town building department and emailed me a copy. We now have the permit we need to proceed. We are so happy we found Richard and that he could do what we asked in a short amount of time. We highly recommend him for your structural home needs!

Karen G.

Mr. Nolan was  professional, thorough  and it’s  obvious that he knows his business. I appreciate that he took the time to explain things.

Christine M.


Rich was very prompt and professional. He followed up with my initial request immediately and scheduled inspection right away. I was working with a very tight timeline and he was very prompt at sending the final report.

Maureen J.

I was very happy with them. Very courteous and on time, met us on the weekend when we couldn’t meet them on the week day.

Richard R.

He did a fantastic job & he was fast. He took care of all of our needs.

Bryan Y.

Rich at Nolan Engineering was helpful, friendly, and informative. He went above and beyond for the project and I would highly recommend.

Mariel M.

Nolan Construction did a fantastic job renovating our dingy garage into a beautiful bedroom. From our initial consultation to the final walk through, the team remained professional, thorough, respectful and courteous. They offered thoughtful suggestions without adding any pressure and worked hard to stay within our timeline and budget. We would absolutely hire them back and recommend them to anyone looking for quality work.

Arielle Ewell

I recently ventured into a remodeling project that required assistance from a professional builder. I was very happy to have found Nolan Construction. I’ve been through the process multiple times before, trying to find an honest and affordable contractor with excellent craftsmanship. I failed to find all of those qualities until I hired Nolan Construction. Working with David Bordonaro has been a real pleasure and a remarkably easy experience. Not once during the project did I feel pressure imposed upon me for any reason including financial changes or deviation from our initial agreement. His professionalism and attention to detail has been refreshing. David’s foreman, Tom, was dedicated, reliable, and his quality of work throughout the project was top notch. I only wish I had known about them for the prior projects I had embarked on before this current one. I would truly recommend them to anyone especially to those new to hiring builders or skeptical when it comes to hiring a contractor. I will always keep Nolan Construction in my purview for any future construction needs.

Ed Franke

Working with Nolan Engineering has been an amazing opportunity for me. From affordable engineering to the quick responses for any question that comes up, the people at Nolan Engineering help me keep my ideas moving forward all the way to completion!


As a real estate agent, my clients trust me to recommend people they can  count on. The staff at Nolan Engineering, PLLC are professional and knowledgeable. We have a great working relationship and I can recommend Nolan Engineering, PLLC without reservation.

Shayna Goodson

Nolan Engineering is a very responsive structural engineering    company whom I have done a lot of work with for the last year. Not only do they provide the design needed for a project, they also offer great support to see the project through to a successful ending.

Select Choice Contracting

My house (built in 1890) is actually sagging in the middle. Rich came in and pointed out the deficiencies in the basement. The $450 I paid for the written report is worth it for the contractor I just hired. I think it’s a good investment to keep my house standing.

Bill F.