Home Inspections

Nolan Engineering PLLC, in addition to providing architectural and engineering services, is proud to offer home inspection services conducted by Ryan Smith, a NACHI-certified licensed home inspector. In addition to home inspection services, Nolan Engineering PLLC provides the following additional services:

  • Radon Testing
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Well Flow Testing
  • Mold Assessment (coming soon!)

Why Choose Nolan Engineering PLLC For Your Home Inspection?

While there are many home inspectors doing business in our area, a home inspection from Nolan Engineering PLLC stands out from the others. Nolan Engineering PLLC is the only home inspection provider in the region where a home inspector and a structural engineer have partnered to provide an expertise in home inspection that no others can claim to offer. While Ryan provides home inspections to NACHI standards, Rich personally reviews all reports before submission, which means your report is reviewed twice by industry professionals, ensuring that your report is concise and representative of the home being inspected. Any structural concerns found can be caught early on and reviewed by a licensed engineer, saving time between when an offer is made and final closing.

Ryan Smith and Rich Nolan


A Message from Ryan

For most people, buying a home is the single most expensive item they will purchase in their lifetimes. In addition to the cost, the home buying process can be a lengthy and difficult endeavor. A real estate agent can help you navigate this process, but it is the inspector’s job to provide you with the details needed to make an informed decision. A quality inspection can make the difference between a home you love or a house you settle for. This is the basis of our guiding principle; to create inspection reports that are clear and concise, with defects and technical jargon explained in plain language, to the highest possible standard. That said, a thorough and clearly written inspection report requires hard work and time, things that others may not be willing to do for their clients. If you would allow me the honor of performing your home inspection, my promise to you is to inspect the home as though my own parents, grandparents or siblings were buying the home. The gravity of the position I am in is something I carry with me always. It is with that in mind that I make this promise to give you only my best in my inspection and my reports.